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Repairing and sealing significant driveway damage that can happen throughout the years can be a quality of life change you didn’t know was missing. Cracks that have broken out and need attention can be amended with individual attention, while other more significant damage can need more attention. Here are a few tips to identify the issues present, and which route is best to fix them.


What is driveway sealing?


Sealing can be an effective repair process for cracks, expanded and uneven damage, as well as simply being a safety precaution. To start, identifying the areas that require the most attention is recommended. Although coating the whole driveway to lay evenly, it’s still important to begin with an overview.


Can I do sealing myself? Yes, you can. Sealcoating is something most homeowners are doing a halfway decent job of. However, the process is tedious, and there are a myriad of ways it can go poorly. Even homeowners with significant home improvement experience can struggle with sealcoating effectively. Avoid self-inflicted issues and get professional assistance. This ensures the job is done correctly in a timely fashion.


How often should I sealcoat my driveway? Every 3-5 years it’s recommended sealcoating is done regardless of the state of the driveway. However, if significant damage is sustained in a random accident, or driving in and out of the driveway is becoming a pain, then attention may be necessary sooner. Consider when the previous owner sealed the driveway, and how long it’s been since that would have happened. If it appears they hadn’t done so, it’s likely you’re right.


Now, although sealcoating is a viable option in most instances, sometimes repaving is necessary as well.


Reasons for repaving


Repaving is done to change the landscape of a driveway, back patio, or overall aesthetic of a home. In any case, these are rarely completed as a response to damage.


Remodel pairing – If you’re remodeling the home, repaving may be necessary to tie in efficiently with the new backyard or patio area. Depending on your goals for the home, you should prepare a plan and expectation of how the driveway or patio area will be tied into your outdoor activity.


Overall, you’re right to seek out more information. Give us a call today, and we can help you achieve your new project goals. Whether it be sealing your driveway, paving a new area in the backyard, or simply looking for more information, we’re excited to get started with you!