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Many homes in Exton, PA and the surrounding areas can benefit from adding concrete to the property, since it is such a durable option and it looks neat and tidy. Many people only think of a concrete driveway when adding concrete to their homes, but there are other places you want help from a professional paving company to help you add concrete to your property.


What kind of project should I get started on?


  1. Walkways and Paths – By adding concrete walkways throughout your property, you won’t have unattractive dirt paths crossing your lawn between frequently used areas of your property, like the garage and your home. These can be fun additions to the backyard area as well. Connecting you to the further reaches of the property or giving yourself a safer route for travel is always a plus.
  2. Stairs – Some doorways may be raised higher than ground level, and using concrete to create stairs is a more durable solution than wood, especially in areas with moisture or other weather damage. They also have higher durability and will require less maintenance over time, with little worry of ever having to be replaced.
  3. Patios – If you want to create a hard surface to place furniture and a grill in your backyard, a concrete shape can be laid out to make a deck or patio area that will last forever and is easy to maintain. Patios can be highly versatile as well for other uses. Even just supplementing a deck that’s already in place for more security. You can improve the viability of your entire outdoor experience when increasing concrete volume. Surfaces become more sturdy, reliable long term, etc. Call us today with any questions on this.


How long can I expect my concrete driveway to last?


Concrete driveway is a fantastic option in terms of durability. You can expect your concrete driveway foundation to last upwards of 30-50 years. However, this is assuming routine maintenance is sustained. That will fall on the homeowner to maintain and be aware of any issues that arise.


In comparison to asphalt, you can often see asphalt hover right around 30 years at maximum. That’s assuming considerably more maintenance is maintained. Asphalt can very easily absorb heat on hotter days, build up residue and dirt in any cracks that breakout, as well as sustain pressure damage. Concrete driveway is the more reliable and longer-lasting option.


What are the most common concrete driveway issues?


Cracks breaking out – these are extremely common. Cracks are often left unattended and become issues with the foundation of the home over time. Be attentive of these. You’ll see a major change if you keep an eye out for these type of issues, while regularly spraying down and pressure washing the surface as well. Overall, the care doesn’t take much time at all. You’ll just have to become more familiar with how to amend them when they do arise.


Sealing concrete driveway as an option to fix the surface – This can be a quick do it yourself (DIY) job. However, if you are inexperienced, professional consultation may be a more optimal route. In either case, make sure you are able to clean the area first. 


Elements causing build up of debris- In more extreme climates, you’ll see this be prevalent. Most areas won’t have to deal with these issues as much. Take account how the surface is used through the year and the volume of activity between your family and guests.


Adding concrete to your residential property is a great idea, and has more possibilities than you might have imagined. Contact All American Paving and Sealcoating today for a free quote. We’re really looking forward to speaking with you!